Sunday August 12, 2018  -  Swims begin at 8:00AM. Check in at 7:00AM
National Harbor, Maryland

HarborFest Tri Distance Open Water Swims

750  Meters - Sprint Swim
1.2 Miles - Half IronSwim
2.4 Miles - IronSwim
5K - Half Marathon Swim

The Harborfest Open Water Swim events was formed to provide athletes with
high level experience at  various distances. HarborFest is the first swim of its
kind to soley offer triathlon swimming distances. The objective of the
organizers, WaveOne Swimming, is to grow the event to international stature
as a premiere competition in the United States. As an open water swimming
venue, National Harbor offers excellent amenities and many vantage points for
spectator viewing.

Participants will feel accomplished in completing their swims as well as
knowing they are contributing to causes that promote clean water for recreation
and drinking, learn to swim programs and supporting programs for
disadvantage athletes across the nation.


7:00AM  Swim check in opens
7:30AM 5K swimmers meet at dock for briefing and swim start.
8:00 AM  Mandatory safety meeting for all swimmers.
8:15AM Swim starts: wave order begins with  2.4, 1.2 and 750m approximately 10
minutes apart.

All ages are welcome!

Race Day registration available until 7:15AM

LOCATION:  North Cove at National Harbor, MD 20745
See www.nationalharbor.com  for Hotels, Directions, Maps and other information.
Event Web Site: www.harborfestswim.com
For Info contact: info@waveoneswimming.com
Event Director, Denis Crean, email: denis@waveoneswimming.com
On Water Coordinator: Matt Tourville

SPONSOR/HOST:  WaveOne Swimming, www.waveoneswimming.com

COURSE:   All swims will have  in-water starts from the North Cove.  750 meter will be
one loop, 1.2 mile and 2.4 mile will be  two and four loops, and 5K will be five loops on an

expanded course with multiple buoys marking the course and corners.

ENTRIES:    All entries must be submitted online HERE.
Entry Deadline: Online entries must be submitted by midnight, August 12, 2017. . Walk-
up entries will be accepted on event day until 7:15AM before the swims.  There will be
an additional $10 fee for event day entries. COACHES FOR TEAM ENTRIES AND
INQUIRIES: Email: info@waveoneswimming.com

ENTRY FEES: $50-$75 online for one Event.  Team Coaches  MUST  contact the Event
Director for Team (10 or greater entries) discount information. $10 shall be added to
event day registration. Race day registration closes at 7:

RULES:  2018 USA Swimming Rules will govern this event. Eligibility:   Each swimmer
must be entered on the official on line entry forms provided. Only one swimmer may
enter per entry form.   Swimmers under 18 entering the meet must have form completed
and signed by their parent or guardian. Race director reserves the right to modify rules
to adjust for event circumstances.

PARKING: Parking is available in the surface lot adjacent to the water and in the garages
ocated in the buildings on the property. There is ample convenient parking. Cost is
approximately $1
8 for the day.

SWIMMER CHECK-IN: Check in opens at 7:00AM race day for body marking. Please
arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your event for check in.  Mandatory attendance is
required for the SAFETY briefing on the pier prior to each event start. Start waves will
be assigned at  check in.

SAFETY:    This event follows USA Swimming safety guidelines.  Kayakers will be
located on the course and safety craft will be on site and prepared to administer aid if
necessary. Kayakers’ instructions to swimmers must be followed.  Meet swim caps will
be provided and must be worn by all competitors.  Water Safety Check In-Out:  
Swimmers MUST report to the water entry/exit station for each race they participate in.  
Once a swimmer exits the water during a race, the swimmer may not re-enter the water
during that race.

WARM-UP:  Will be at the sole discretion of the Meet Director and is not guaranteed.   
The water will be cleared of all swimmers and a final check in and accounting of each
swimmer will take place prior to entering the water for the swim start.

TIME LIMIT: Over the Time Limit (OTL) will be appriximately 45 minutes for the 750m
swim and 120 minutes for 1.2,  2.4 mile and 150 minutes for the 5K swim. Swimmers still
on the course at OTL may be removed from the swim course at the Referee’s discretion.

It is the event director's intention to provide ample time for all swimmers to
finish the event.

Will be at the sole discretion of the Event Director
CANCELLATION:  Will be posted on HarborFest Swim web site: www.harbrrfestswim.
com at the earliest point possible; please check the web site before traveling to the
venue.   Entry Fees are nonrefundable. Refunds of any portion or kind will not be given
for any reason other than forced withdrawal prior to the start of the swims.

RECOGNITION AWARDS: Awards will be given to the male and female winners of each
event.  Men and women will swim concurrently but scored separately .

WATER TEMPERATURE: Temperature ranges from 78F - 84F for this time of year.

WETSUITS and SWIM APPAREL: USA Swimming guidelines shall govern the use of
wetsuits. Wetsuit guidelines will be stricter for longer swim(s).   Use of wetsuits will be
announced on swim day. Any swimmer wearing a wetsuit will be ranked separately.  
Swimmers may wear a “full-body” suit as long as the suit does not extend below the
ankle or beyond the shoulder and does not cover the neck.  Swimmers wearing wet
suits or full body suits will be scored separately.  A reasonable amount of body grease
may be applied after body marking.  Up to two swim caps may be worn and the outer
cap must be the colored race cap provided on site to all competitors.  In addition to
goggles, nose-clips, ear plugs, and watches are permissible.

SWIM TIMES: Will be posted on the website asap following the event.

EVENT DIRECTOR and WaveOne Swimming reserve the right to make changes at their
sole discretion. All events and pricing subject to change without notice. WaveOne
Swimming is a dba of WaveOne Open Water, Inc.

Address any questions to: info@waveoneswimming.com
HarborFest Open Water Swims
Event Facts

750 Meters - Sprint Swim
1.2 Miles - DC TRI CLUB Half
2.4 Miles - The IronSwim
5K - Half Marathon Swim

7:00AM  Swim check in opens
7:30AM 5K swimmers meet at
dock for briefing and swim start.
8:00 AM  Mandatory safety    
meeting for all swimmers
8:15AM Swim starts: wave
order begins with 2.4, 1.2 and
750m approximately 5
minutes apart..  

Race Day registration
available until 7:15AM

North Cove at National Harbor,
MD 20745 or
165 Water St, National Harbor,
MD 20745

Online Entry Fee:
$50 Early Bird
$60  from 1/7
$70  from 7/1
$75 Online from 8/5

Copyright 2018 WaveOne Open Water Inc. / WaveOne Swimming